The Heljan based 47212 with Shawplan grilles and Laserglaze windows and replacement handrails all round. The difference in appearance is quite noticeable.

Although we want to capture what the railway was like in the early nineties, all aspects portrayed, undoubtedly the motive power which was a real draw for us. The variety at the time was wonderful.

Class 20, 20104 – this was based on a photograph which appeared in a 1992 edition of RAIL magazine. The loco was very faded and the transfers have been carefully attacked to replicate the state of the real 20104 as it was in 1992.

Though even now you can go and see older traction working, class 56s with Colas, class 20s and 37s with DRS and a whole host of things with the West Coast Railway Co. it somehow isn’t the same as it once was.  Did we even realise how lucky we were with the variety we had?

Class 37/5, no. 37514 – a Bachmann model rebuilt with a whole host of Shawplan parts running on Penbits sprung bogies. See Model Railway Journal No. 253 for the full story.

The railway wasn’t perfect, not by a long shot – wages were low and the industry run down in many areas but this had its own charms. But the sight and sound of some of the older traction created memories which will never fade.

This section will allow you to see the fleet as it develops.