There is a small selection of books which directly cover Scunthorpe and its railways and steel making – indeed, railways and the steel industry within Scunthorpe are so intertwined that you cannot really consider one without the other.

An Illustrated History of Scunthorpe’s Railways
Bryan Longbone

If you want to get a good overview of the railways in and around Scunthorpe then An Illustrated History of Scunthorpe’s Railways by Bryan Longbone is a highly recommended book to read.

The book is very firmly dedicated to the steam age within the area, but this makes it no less relevant to West Halton as so much of the background to the project is influenced by the historical development of the area, its mining and steel production.

Another excellent book is this by john Foreman, this being a rather rare volume.

Railways and Steelmaking
The Scunthorpe Scene, 1956 – 1986
J. J. Foreman

Perfect for our needs as it covers steelworks and railways – John Foreman having been employed in the steel industry. There are also some lovely photographs taken in locations which most photographers either wouldn’t have visited or indeed have been able to get to!