Iain Rice

Iain Rice presenting me with an award at Scaleforum.

Iain Rice and myself at Scaleforum one year.

This evening I read the very sad news that Iain Rice had passed away.

It has hit me in a very personal way which I really didn’t expect having only met him once. But he was a real hero of mine from childhood and although you’re told never to meet your heroes, I met him and he was a lovely man and I thoroughly enjoyed talking to him.

I have read everything of Iain’s that I’m aware of and his writing style is incredibly accessible to all and he is both a hugely influential and inspiring figure. Despite his small stature he was a giant in the world of railway modelling.

A number of years ago one of my locos won an award at Scaleforum and the award was presented to me by Iain which, given my enormous admiration for him, was a very special moment.

He’ll be very sadly missed in the hobby but he leaves behind an amazing body of work and I think his books will continue to inspire for many years to come.

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