The Art of Weathering, by Martyn Welch

The Art of Weathering, by Martyn Welch

The Art of Weathering by Martyn Welch is a book which every railway modeller should own or, at the very least, have read.

It was published in 1993 and is just as relevant now as it the day it was published.

There are so many different weathering products available now (and Martyn does embrace new products as his more recent articles in Model Railway Journal show) but I love how this book shows just what can be achieved with with a small, simple palette of enamel paints.

As great as some new weathering products are, learning the basics from this book will give you such a great grounding and start with weathering models. And it’ll teach you that the often shared wisdom of “start with weathering powders” is a nonsense and just two or three basic colours can produce a huge range of effects and finishes.

If you have never read this book,you really need to do something about it!

If you wish to be further inspired –

Martyn Welch’s Website

3 thoughts on “The Art of Weathering, by Martyn Welch

  1. I bought mine when it came out or shortly afterwards as a teenager desperate to improve my methods and achieve greater realism. Martyn’s book illustrated the art and described simple processes, although I now agree that the airbrush is an essential tool, when I started I used just washes and dry brushing to reasonable effect. The main learning for me was work from good quality colour photos and use a consistent limited palette of colours.

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  2. I believe Martyn has been asked to consider updating the book to include his latest techniques, and the new products that are now available


  3. I have the original book, and if Martyn does revise it, I’d be be very interested. It’s an excellent treatise on the subject; the techniques in it are even applicable to this Canadian outline modeller!
    Steve Lucas


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