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What to do on Boxing Day?

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Well along with my oldies and the little people I headed over the the Keighley and Worth Valley Railway for the Mince Pie Specials. And after the mayhem of Christmas, it provided a lovely antidote. And judging by how full each train was, it wasn’t just us who thought so.


So as well having a ride along the length of the line, we broke our journey at Ingrow West where the Vintage Carriage Trust’s museum is located and, most importantly of all, their magazine room!

Issues of RAIL in the Magazine Room at the Museum of Rail Travel, Ingrow West on the KWVR.

Herein lies a huge selection of magazines for anyone to purchase, all sorts of titles – mainstream, specialist titles, society magazines, you get the idea! But the main appeal for me today was their selection of RAIL magazines. I’m filling in the gaps in my collection now. So I’ve got nearly twenty five issues from 1991, 1992 and 1993 to help with this! And our liking of RAIL has already been mentioned a few times on here – as a source of information they’re hard to beat.

These issues are from the Murray Brown and Philip Sutton era – this is when the magazine was at its height. Once these two had departed the magazine went rather downhill, becoming the poor man’s Modern Railways in the Nigel Harris era. From the late nineties onwards, for our purposes RAIL, sadly, becomes less and less relevant. Rail Express, very helpfully, filled this void – Brown and Sutton picking off where they left off.

And before filing these away, a good few hours of reading through them! All in the name of research of course!

So what do you think?

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