Gilberdyke Signal Box

It’s with a very heavy heart that I post this – this weekend marked the end of traditional block signalling on the mainline to Hull with the closure of the signal boxes following control passing to York ROC. This is three years after the North Lincolnshire mainline was re-signalled and taken over by York ROC. Both areas are of huge significance to James and I as we’ve both grown up seeing the boxes and signalling in both areas.

I’ve spent the majority of my railway career working boxes along the Hull mainline, spending the time as both a resident and relief signaller with the last seven years as resident at Gilberdyke Signal Box.

“Don’t be sorry it’s over. Be happy that it happened.” – Ian Brown

Looking toward Wrawby Junction, December 2015. The end of the how we knew the railways in North Lincolnshire.

3 thoughts on “Gilberdyke Signal Box

  1. Very sad to see this. Growing up as I did in Lockington and then Beverley (and being old enough to remember Lockington box), I always liked seeing Gilberdyke hold out for so long against the modern signalling. It was bound to happen in the end, and as you say, let’s be grateful for it having existed at all. At least we can hold on to the bastion of traditional block between York and Harrogate for some time to come before it is consigned to heritage railways only.
    I hope the last signaller recorded the 7-5-5.


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