All Change at Rail Express Modeller

An interesting development at Rail Express, Nigel Burkin appointed as the new editor of Rail Express Modeller.

Rail Express Modeller

Those of use who started modelling diesels in or before the mid-nineties will remember his two ‘Thoroughly Modern Models’ books and articles in early issues of BRM. He also edited the short lived Modern Railway Modelling from Warner’s – something which could have been something very special but faded away within just a few months.

Thoroughly Modern Models – Diesels in 4mm by Nigel Burkin, 1997

I just hope that REM doesn’t go the same way – REM has lost its way since the days of Phil Sutton and Gareth Bayer we feel.

If Nigel could recapture the spirit of the original ModelRAIL supplements then many would be overjoyed! Maybe the pioneering feel of ModelRAIL combined with the prototype information in the early editions of DEMU Update? Gareth being the connection between Update and REM!

We’ll see how it turns out but I hope there’ll be more on high quality modelling than the promised step by step articles. REM doesn’t need this, mags like Model Rail (confusing when Chris Leigh took the name on for his monthly from 1997 after destroying the original ModelRAIL), BRM, Hornby Magazine and Railway Modeller cover basic techniques, REM doesn’t need to duplicate this.

Let’s hope REM will once again be the spiritual successor to the original ModelRAIL!

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