Bogie Pipework

Adding bogie pipework.

Getting all excited now!

Don’t laugh.

Maybe it’s a reflection of me, but 47206 is nearly completion now and I find that quite exciting!

The final bits of detail are starting to appear which means weathering is not far away now. The bogie pipework is being added from 5 Amp fusewire – you can still buy this though I don’t imagine many house still use fuse boxes with this style of fuse – I used to like replacing fuses like this, odd perhaps… Not that I’m normal!

I’m going to spend an hour or so adding bits and pieces to the underframe, which is quite a nice relaxing way thing to do, not too much but enough to just add to it, then it’ll be painting the underframe before weathering!

Bank Holiday

One Class 47 bogie – Penbits and various bits of Heljan.

There’s not been a huge amount of modelling done recently. Though I did manage a visit to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester on Friday – a bit of an antidote to seeing some little ginger bloke with a guitar performing. Ed somebody. Ed, Ed Sheeran? Something like that anyway…

The Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, a rather wet Manchester!

A good chunk of free time has been put to use undercoating the new wooden doors for the railway room, which isn’t the most photogenic of subjects. However after a good walk through Dalby Forest on The Highway Rat trail with the little people today I decided to get back to the final bits and pieces for 47206. The undeframe needs final pipework and a few small details to be added and then it’s ready for painting! I hope this will be a good one when it’s finished – it’s certainly been a long time coming!


I’ve been painting!

I’ve been painting!

With a roller I seem to cause a lot of splatter and by working quickly I got nearly as much paint on me as the walls!

My head hasn’t been great over the last month or so – when I was met by a huge patch of mould on the ceiling, my heart sank. It seems just like a disaster. It’s a problem which those with bad anxiety often encounter, one small thing becomes a major issue in a short space of time depression kicks in and your mood is very low.

The sight which I met with a little while back.

The mould looked terrible and there was a smell of damp. It seemed like what had been close was now far from any sign of completion. Enter level headed Father in Law 2.0. Reassuring that it’ll be just a small leak which had suffered from the very heavy rain we’d had.

And, of course, he was right!

Part way through the painting.

So painting progressed, the roof was mended and now the painting is virtually complete – even the worst of the damp patch has had its first coat of paint today – I’d left this bit as long as I could to allow it to fully dry out.

Next the floor needs painting and then the carpet and work benches can go in!

As sad as I may sound, I’m getting very excited now!