Industrial Grot

Shelfie2 by Paul Marshall-Potter. Photo courtesy of Paul.

It probably hasn’t gone unnoticed that I like drawing attention to the those modellers whose work inspires or fascinates me. Some of it has nothing to do with the era or area that West Halton covers so not everything will get an airing here but here is something which very much will.

Paul Marshall-Potter’s Shelfie2 which is a follow up to the original Shelfie. Both are small space (Shelfie being very much minimum space) but neither looks cramped nor lacks operational interest – my little boy had a little session with Shelfie a couple of years back at Warley and it has lead to him wanting a layout like it. Not a toy-like roundy-roundy but a proper model railway.

And Shelfie2 is looking very good too, but what I love about this shot is the grot on the ground. Filthy, old ballast and all sorts of crap and dirt which is just what think of when when it comes to industrial lines. Just how I remember my time working on industrial railways, in particular Scunthorpe Steelworks. It looks superb, doesn’t it?! More details here.

Do have a look at all of Paul’s Albion Yard blog if you can – it’s rather good.

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